Personality Screening Test for Retail Sales Positions

  • Mobile friendly - take on any device
  • 5 minutes to complete
  • Red, Yellow and Green Screen Report
  • Interview Guides for Managers
  • Unlimited use for low flat fee
Click here to see sample report for Managers


Take the guesswork out of your hiring
Use Retail Fit

  • Designed off the foundation of our personality questionnaire
  • Designed from the ground up, strictly for retail
  • Question language is written in retail lingo
  • Easy to take 48 questions; can be answered in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Is mobile friendly, it can be taken on a phone or iPad
  • Assessment could actually be conducted onsite as the candidate walk-in
  • Will show good match as green, they can complete an interview on the spot
  • Saves losing good candidates
  • Helps stopping retail turnover
  • Helps in hiring better retail staff